February 8, 2022

How To Add Authentication & Secure HarperDB APIs Using SuperTokens in Your React App

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Summary of What to Expect
Table of Contents
  1. Choose a SuperTokens recipe from the available options.
  2. Fork the GitHub repository of the chosen recipe.
  3. Install project dependencies using npm.
  4. Run the demo app using "npm run dev."

Using SuperTokens in a React Application:

  1. Initialize SuperTokens in the app.js file with required configurations and recipeList.
  2. Use the supertokens-auth-react package for front-end authentication, token handling, and session management.
  3. Create React components to handle login, signup, logout, and forgot password flows.
  4. Implement session management and call APIs securely using SuperTokens.
  5. Set up a music player app with components for music list, player controls, and progress bar.
  6. Secure 3rd-party APIs by using SuperTokens to manage tokens and sessions on the API server.