August 4, 2022

How to Build a Real-time Chat App with React, Node,, and HarperDB

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Summary of What to Expect
Table of Contents

1. What is
2. Project Setup
3. How to Build the "Join a Room" Page
4. How to Set Up the Server
5. How to Create our First Event Listener on the Server
6. How Rooms Work in
7. How to Build the Chat Page
8. How to Create the Messages Component (B)
9. How to Create a Schema and Table in HarperDB
10. How to Create the Send Message Component (C)
11. How to Set Up HarperDB Environment Variables
12. How to Allow Users to Send Messages to Each Other with
13. How to Get Messages from HarperDB
14. How to Display the Last 100 Messages on the Client
15. How to Display the Room and Users (A)
16. How to Remove a User from a Room
17. How to Add the Disconnect Event Listener