S2 E13: Everything You Need to Know About NATS w/ Byron Ruth

Table of Contents

This episode features Byron Ruth, Director of Developer Relations at Synadia, for a discussion on NATS, Jetstream, open source, and more. Questions covered include:

-Share a bit about who you are, your background, what you’re focused on now
-What is Synadia, what is NATS, Jetstream?
-Why / how are the HarperDB and NATS technologies integrated? What are some other examples of projects where NATS is used?
-In your opinion, what are some pros and cons of open source? Tips on ensuring success in open source?
-Moving forward, future predictions, what are you excited about?

Byron is currently the Director of Developer Relations at Synadia. Prior to joining Synadia, he spent 14 years building software and systems in support of pediatric biomedical research. Outside of work, Byron enjoys running, cooking, yard work, and spending time with his wife and two daughters. Software applications and services need to exchange data. NATS is an infrastructure that allows such data exchange, segmented in the form of messages.

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