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April 6, 2021

S1 E05: Leadership Advice from a Senior Netflix Engineer - Jem Young

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April 6, 2021
Margo McCabe
Head of DevRel & Partnerships at HarperDB

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In SELECT* episode 5, Margo chats with Jem Young, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix. Jem started out at Netflix in UI and is now in backend/infrastructure. He shares a bit about what it's like working at a tech giant, imposter syndrome, the importance of communication in engineering, and tips for being a leader including what it's like managing an engineering team. Jem is inspiring, knowledgeable, and super easy to talk to!


Jem Young is a tall engineer at Netflix who loves dogs, reading, and clean code. He really enjoys working across the stack but his true passion lies in JavaScript and building a clean user experience. He believes that empathy is the key to building an effective UI and when he’s not at the gym or chasing his cat, you can find him hassling other engineers to write more tests.

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