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February 15, 2022

S2 E02: Life as a Front End Engineer at an Early Stage Startup w/ Annie Liew

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February 15, 2022
Margo McCabe
Head of DevRel & Partnerships at HarperDB

Table of Contents

Episode 2 features Annie Liew, also known as @anniebombanie, a Front-end Engineering Lead at Pastel, for a discussion on life at an early stage startup. In this episode we learn a bit about Annie's journey, as well as the following topics:

-Tell us about the company you're at and their product
-What's it like working at an early stage startup? Were you scared to take the plunge into the startup world?
-Pros and cons of being on such a small team? Tips for folks in a similar position?
-What are you focusing on at the moment, main goals for 2022?
-What technologies / frameworks / tools are you currently learning or really excited about right now?

Annie comes from a multidisciplinary design & teaching background. She's currently the Front-end Engineering Lead at Pastel and is active in both the design and developer community. In her free time, she reads, travels and makes CSS art!


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