Multi-Cloud HarperDB Cluster using Terraform, AWS & Azure

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Code along with Michael King as he creates a Multi-Cloud HarperDB Cluster using Terraform, AWS and Azure. Go step by step as you launch containers in both AWS and Azure and then set up a DNS record that uses geo-routing to efficiently route your Users to their closest server. Afterwards, you will configure HarperDB Clustering so that the Instances share their data helping lower the overall global latency for your project.

To make this multiple-cloud deployment easy, we'll use Terraform to manage the infrastructure and allow us to deploy our containers in one command. We’ll host one database in Europe using Azure, one in India hosted by AWS and finally, we’ll utilize a Cloud Instance from HarperDB running in the US. After the containers are deployed, we’ll hop into HarperDB and utilize its clustering feature to easily sync our Instances in a few clicks. To show off the caching, I’m going to build a Formula One data API relay to help power a web application displaying the latest driver standings. Let’s get started!


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