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June 20, 2023

S3 E08: What's the Creator of Homebrew up to Now? w/ Max Howell

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June 20, 2023
Margo McCabe
Head of DevRel & Partnerships at HarperDB

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This episode features an interview with Max Howell, creator of the open-source software package management system Homebrew, and CEO of Questions covered include:

  • Share a bit about who you are, background and journey in tech
  • How was Homebrew created and how far has it come?
  • How are OSS developers exploited by the tech giants / pros and cons of open source?
  • What is tea, why did you build it / what problem are you aiming to solve?

Max Howell made a life of creating some of the most used and beloved open source software in the world. Formally trained in chemistry, he quickly left the lab to chase his lifelong passion of development, and fit into the open-source ecosystem with his spirit of altruism and creativity.

Max Howell created the open-source software package management system Homebrew, known as “brew,” which grew into the most contributed-to open source software program in the world. Homebrew has been used by tens of millions of developers worldwide and has served as the backbone for the largest technology corporations to build their products without directly contributing to - or paying for - its development. Besides Homebrew, Max has created many other open-source projects like PromiseKit, which is used by over 100k mobile applications. He is revered by developers around the world.Max’s current project is tea. is a feature-rich, delightful, and decentralized package manager that will revolutionize open source development by providing creators and maintainers value for previously unpaid labor.

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