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October 4, 2023

S3 E13: The Future of Data w/ Kelsey Hightower

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October 4, 2023
Margo McCabe
Head of DevRel & Partnerships at HarperDB

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This Select* podcast episode features Kelsey Hightower for a discussion across numerous topics. In this special edition, Kelsey is interviewed by HarperDB's Co-Founder, Stephen Goldberg.

Questions covered include:

  • How did it feel to retire from Google this year, what’s next?
  • You have, what some would consider, a non-traditional background when it comes to the software engineering world. How has that shaped your view on the industry? How do you think the industry performs at mentoring/cultivating young engineers, including those from non-CS degree backgrounds?
  • What are your thoughts on where distributed vs. monolithic architecture is going? How is “Edge Computing” impacted by this?
  • There has been a focus in the cloud provider space of bringing on new locations, trying to put infrastructure in hard to reach places. Eventually this will reach a saturation point, where do you think they will invest next?
  • When thinking about building platforms and products, what is your advice on how to make a decision to internalize automation within your product vs. using a framework?
  • What are your opinions on running a stateful application that must have data consistency across its replicas, such as a database, on Kubernetes? It comes with a bunch of problems to solve, like auto scaling, data redundancy and replication. It seems that the community is split on whether or not this is a good idea and how to implement it.
  • What advice would you give yourself 20 years ago?

Kelsey Hightower is an American software engineer, developer advocate, and speaker known for his work with Kubernetes, open-source software, and cloud computing.

A few notable quotes from this interview:

  • "Not having a CS degree is the traditional background."
  • "Another part of your growth trajectory is your ability to get other people to be as good as you are."
  • "Having 5,000 microservices as a goal is insane."
  • "There is no best practice, there's just practice."
  • "The manual experience doesn't need to be easy, it needs to be good."
  • "Do not think that Kubernetes is a magical bandaid that you rub on a database and it turns into RDS .... If you're a database provider you can do little things that give an operator a chance to pick not just Kubernetes but whatever comes later."
  • "What's really cool is, your database is hyper specific and tuned for a set of use cases."
  • "All the struggles, challenges... imperfections are what makes things interesting."
  • "People are jumping from junior to senior way too fast... there's a lot to learn... if you let it bake, it'll come out of the oven just right."

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