S2 E03: What Web3 Means for Developers w/ Pratham Prasoon

Table of Contents

In this episode we chat with Pratham Prasoon, a Programmer, Student, Developer Advocate, and web3 super genius, about what is web3 and what it means for developers. Some additional topics covered include:
-How do NFTs work
-What are potential concerns or downsides of web3 and NFTs
-What tools and technologies should people be learning who want to move towards web3
-What are you working on next / what side project are you excited about

Pratham is 17 years old. Building in web3 and machine learning and sharing his journey: https://twitter.com/PrasoonPratham

Read about what web3 and decentralization mean for data storage in this blog: https://dev.to/harperdb/web3-decentra...

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