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March 16, 2022

S2 E04: Why I'm Excited About Machine Learning & Python w/ Patrick Loeber

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March 16, 2022
Margo McCabe
Head of DevRel & Partnerships at HarperDB

Table of Contents

In this episode we chat with Patrick Loeber, a Software Engineer & YouTuber who is teaching the community about Python and Machine Learning. Topics covered include:
-Why are you excited about machine learning, why is python your framework of focus?
-Is there a difference between AI / ML / deep learning, how do they intersect?
-Top tips / biggest mistakes you see for folks learning python? Challenges with machine learning?
-Where do you see machine learning being used now and 10 years from now?
-Favorite technologies / tools, things you're learning now?

Patrick is a Software Engineer and Developer Advocate with a passion for Machine Learning and Data Science. He’s the founder of and the corresponding YouTube channel where he creates programming content for over 100k subscribers.

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