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Supercharge Akamai Ion with HarperDB
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HarperDB’s Connected Cache - delivered on dedicated Akamai Connected Cloud - extends Akamai’s existing caching infrastructure, pushing cache hit rates up to 99% for global-scale enterprises. Our fast and flexible data fabric delivers unlimited scale and unparalleled origin offload, allowing you to both cache and deeply query items that were once uncacheable. Accelerate your applications instantly with Connected Cache.

Unparalleled Flexibility, Capacity, and Observability

Generate cache keys using any part of the client request, set TTLs directly or via origin response headers, invalidate items across all cache layers with a single call, and dynamically scale storage for complete control over evictions. Cache hit and miss statistics and detailed server timings available within Akamai Control Center or exported to the observability platform of your choice.

A Connected, Extensible Data Fabric

Configurable, real-time replication delivers cached values to every user no matter where they are. The user-programmable application layer offers unlimited optimization, including the ability to transform a single origin response into multiple payloads optimized for different clients, proactively pre-fetch and federate origin responses, and even sync directly with your origin database.

Performance at Scale

Accelerate high-volume, mission-critical APIs by adding HarperDB’s Connected Cache to your existing caching infrastructure. We work in concert with your existing Akamai products to ensure unlimited scale and performance.

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Image collage of person talking on the phone

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