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StreamConnect, powered by HarperDB, is a real-time communication and data processing platform for Akamai-connected devices. It provides MQTT, WebSocket, and HTTP interfaces for streaming pub/sub access to your applications and the data that powers them.

Scalability & Availability

Designed to exceed the most demanding real-time requirements, StreamConnect utilizes a mesh network of distributed brokers to deliver high-availability and low-latency experiences globally.
Whether you need to ingest a tsunami of data from different sources or push messages to millions of devices, StreamConnect gives you the freedom to innovate.

Why StreamConnect?

- Unlimited Capacity
- High Availability
- Global Footprint
- Low Latency

Use Cases

Information Services

Live sports, news, weather, stock markets


Appliances, industrial monitoring, smart devices


Gaming, chat, live in-venue experiences


Connected vehicles, optimized logistics, RT status, delivery apps

Ad Tech

Ad insertion, inventory management


Whether you need full-duplex persistence or to ingest data from low-power devices, StreamConnect offers diverse protocol options that span use cases.

Supported Protocols

- WebSockets
- MQTT 5 & Below
- MQTT over WebSockets
- Server Sent Events (SSE)

A Complete Platform

Powered by HarperDB’s groundbreaking Distributed Application Platform, StreamConnect makes responding to rapidly evolving requirements stress-free.

In-Stream Processing

Leverage in-stream processing to deliver instant notifications, calculated fields, seamless cross-system data aggregations, and more.

Scalable Storage

Lightning-fast data storage ensures persistence wherever it is needed without requiring additional technologies that add complexity.

Active Sync

Replicate data across geo-distributed clusters for instant data access everywhere or sync with legacy systems for back office continuity.

Limitless Connectivity

StreamConnect, delivered on dedicated, fully managed infrastructure, is tailored to meet your exact requirements. Contact your Akamai sales rep for recommendations on the ideal real-time topology for your needs.


Broadcast data to an unlimited number of devices.


Ingest and broadcast data from & to an unlimited number of devices.


Ingest data from an unlimited number of devices

Deploy with Akamai

- Simple Procurement via Akamai
- Akatech Support
- PoCs in as Little as One Week

Contact your Akamai sales team to learn more.

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Image collage of person talking on the phone

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