April 19, 2023

Setup HarperDB on Equinix Bare Metal Server

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Summary of What to Expect
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction to HarperDB: HarperDB is a globally-distributed edge data platform designed for handling massive amounts of data with low latency. It offers distributed database solutions, edge computing/caching, and infrastructure savings.
  2. Ways to Host HarperDB: There are multiple hosting options for HarperDB. The quickest way is to use HarperDB Cloud. Alternatively, you can install HarperDB on cloud instances provided by AWS, Azure, GCP, or on-premise cloud providers like Equinix and Linode.
  3. Setting up Equinix Bare Metal: Sign up for an Equinix account, add a payment method, create an organization and project, and generate SSH keys for accessing Equinix instances.
  4. Creating an On-Demand Server in Equinix: Deploy an on-demand server in Equinix by selecting the desired metro region, operating system (e.g., Ubuntu 20.04), and configuring optional settings like SSH keys.
  5. Logging into the Server using SSH: Access the Equinix server using SSH and the private key pair associated with the added SSH key.
  6. Installing and Running HarperDB on Equinix Server: Install nvm (Node Version Manager), NodeJS, and npm using the provided commands. Download the HarperDB installation package, install it using npm, and run HarperDB using the "harperdb run" command.
  7. Accessing HarperDB: HarperDB can be accessed locally via "http://localhost:9925" or externally using the Equinix public IP and port (e.g., "").
  8. Using HarperDB: Use API calls to interact with HarperDB. Examples include creating a database schema, creating tables, and inserting records using curl commands.
  9. Conclusion: The article provides an introduction to HarperDB, explains the setup process on Equinix Bare Metal, and demonstrates how to access and use HarperDB for database operations.